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~ 🌸🌿Welcome To My Garden 🌿🌸~

When I was a little girl, you could find me in the yard admiring the flowers

& playing in the leaves. I felt at home there & it felt good.
“Treat other people the way you want to be treated”, mom said.

The best advice ever.

A mother traveled a great distance to visit her daughter where they spent the afternoon

picking lavender. Tears welled in her eyes when I pointed out I had just placed fresh lavender pendants on the table & not to miss them. “It’s her birthday coming soon &

this is the perfect gift as a reminder of our time together.”

A woman was looking for a gift for her soon to be ‘daughter in law’ who did not see eye to eye.

“I need something to let her know I’m trying. I want it to mean something.

My son proposed to her on the top of a mountain in Aspen, Colorado.”

I showed her a real aspen leaf that looked like lace coated in sterling silver.

When our eyes met, I felt her heart consoled.
“This is the one.”

“I picked up a real sand dollar while I was walking on the beach with my husband
on our

honeymoon. Can you make a necklace from this for me coated in 24K gold?”

My pleasure.
“Frieeenddsss!” she beams. “Look! It says, ‘FRIENDS’”
I hand emboss happy sayings on images to make my own personal jewelry cards.
Queen Anne’s Lace, a tiny Pink Rosebud & a Lace Bow tied on with a Pretty Creamy

Pearl Pendant “This is for you! For all you do for me. I want to thank you”

as she wraps her arms around her friend for a quick hug.

“We call her ‘Rosie Bee’!”, she smiles holding her sweet baby girl only a few months old in a

floral dress & matching hat. I had just visited my favorite rose garden & taken a photo of a bee buzzing inside a beautiful red rose. “Let me send it to you!” I said. We were
standing in a lavender garden event near my hometown. What appealed to her heart?

My pressed red rose necklace with the star of the green stem on the back outlined in silver.

Of course!

We all have memories of moments that touch us & make us feel good. I am offering for you

to create that moment with someone that perhaps you didn’t know what to say

when you wanted to say something & show you care.  Or for yourself when

you remember picking violets for your mom the way I did.

You wear that violet pendant knowing mom is always with you.
Her Advice ~ Her Love ~ Her Spirit

Thank you for allowing me to share in these brief moments
that impact your life.

I am truly grateful.

Katherine 🌿

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