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    I met David Tutera!

               So exciting💕🌿


                       ✩ A Leading Wedding Expert

                       ✩ A Celebrity Wedding Planner

                       ✩ A Fashion Designer

                       ✩ A Professional Speaker

                       ✩ An Author of 7 Books

"I've never seen anything like that before."

"It's very pretty!"

David Tutera and Katherine Weisinger

at the Columbus Wedding Show

~ David Tutera

David Tutera complimented my handmade Real Flower Bouquet Necklace I was wearing & gave me some great advice...

"Brand Yourself and contact Bridal Boutiques"

David Tutera is charming, witty & funny! He acted so down to earth which makes you love him even more.

What a fantastic experience to listen to him speak. What a great story teller! He's a must see 😀

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