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~ We Go Where Our Dreams Take Us ~

I was that girl who made jewelry & sold it to the kids in elementary school for lunch money. Yes, in the 2nd grade!

I dreamed of a life following tourists to the beach near historic towns to sell my handmade pretties.

So that is what I did.

For over 30 years, you found me at a marketplace in Virginia Beach, The Keys, Cape Cod, Mass, Myrtle Beach, Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC Ocean City, MD or all over sunny Florida like Orlando, Ft Lauderdale & Anna Marie Island. At my peak, I traveled 20 states & loved every minute of sharing stories making new friends with my customers. We laughed, we cried, we got caught in storms & vehicles that broke down at the worst possible time. But one of my favorite memories was attending a wedding at Siesta Key Beach at sunset. I surprised the bride with one of my bouquet necklaces. She was elated & beaming with excitement then threw her arms around me to hug me. She was a vision & her beautiful smile was infectious.

This is my calling. My heart has lead me here to share my love of weddings, the beach & garden jewelry with you.

Katherine's Flower Petals, LLC is all about Shabby Chic Romance especially inspired by the ocean. It's a sister company from a business I started in 1998 called Forest Flower Jewelry. KFP is for women who love dreamy weddings or can't get enough of being outside in nature & want more. My new designs will include more pastels, glittery crystals & lace... lots of lace!

~ Little Girls With Dreams Become Women with Vision ~

Thank You for Supporting My Business. I am So Grateful!

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